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Sample Kit #3

These packages are offered at a discount to qualified prospective retailers who want to try our products before placing their first order. Please contact us for more information and how to receive the discount.

This package contains...

  • 4oz jar of paint: Vanilla Frosting
  • 4oz jar of paint: Pebble Beach
  • 4oz jar of paint: Liquorice
  • 2 oz jar of Natural Wax
  • 2 oz jar of Black Wax
  • 4oz jar of Graphite Glaze
  • 4oz jar of Clear Bonding Primer
  • 4oz jar of Clear Coat
  • 4oz jar of Metallic Cream: Belt Buckle
  • 4oz jar of Crackle Medium
  • Beeswax Distressing Bar
  • 4oz jar of Texture Powder
  • 1.5" Oval Paint Brush
  • Painting Sponge
  • FREE hand-painted color card