Testimonials - draft 4/25/2018


Love this Paint!

"I absolutely love this paint. I am in the process of painting a 30 year old dresser that was in really bad shape. The paint goes on so smooth, so easy and the colors are gorgeous. I am so in love with the wax!! Easy to use and the effects are stunning. Thank you so much for these excellent products." - Bonnie Autry


"We are a small shop just outside of Toronto, when we started carrying furniture we thought 'that piece would look great painted', and so the search began. Having seen Country Chic Paint on Dragons Den I did some research. We loved that they were a Canadian company and the fact that Rosanne was pregnant when she did the show appealed to us. We would be painting indoors and wanted to make sure the VOCs and smell were low. Country Chic Paint met our needs so we placed a trial order. Wow, were we ever impressed!! The website tutorials are awesome and we direct our customers to the website for inspiration! We now have a full time painter and the girls at the shop and I paint when we have time. Even my 10 year old daughter loves it and comes up with some great masterpieces. For anyone considering carrying Country Chic Paint, I highly recommend it! Our sales have increased approximately 35% and the customer service is fantastic!! We have many repeat customers and now they stop in just to see what we've created. I can promote the paints with first-hand experience, and can honestly tell customers how much we love it!" - Jackie Duckworth (Owner of Mulberry Bush in Ajax, ON)

Jackie Duckworth - owner of Mulberry Bush in Ajax, ON


Danie Leever - owner of Best of What's Around in Fortville, IN

"With so many paint brands on the market, I get asked quite a bit why I chose to invest with Country Chic Paint in lieu of the many many other ones that I've tried. I love this question. It's a great question. I tested a gazillion paint brands for MONTHS before committing to Country Chic Paint. But when it came down to investing thousands of my hard earned dollars in a company, I knew CCP was the brand for me and my shop. First and foremost, the QUALITY of this paint line is phenomenal. It adheres amazingly, paints smoothly and is no to low VOC. The colors. The people of Country Chic Paint. They're amazing. They call me to chat often. They do A LOT to promote their retailers. In fact, they go above and beyond to ensure the happiness of the small businesses that have made HUGE investments in their company and they get it. They get our love of paint, of our business and of a paint line that loves us back." - Danie Leever (Owner of Best of What's Around in Fortville, IN)




If you rank companies based on customer service, Country Chic Paint is at the top of the list. They are there to answer questions and even call me to see how things are going and if I need their assistance. Rosanne actually asks Country Chic Paint Retailers for our opinions and incorporates our suggestions into their strategic plans. I really feel like we are part of a big family. What I didn't know at the time I made my decision [to become a retailer] is the truly outstanding and ongoing customer support provided by Country Chic Paint staff. The staff definitely go above and beyond in supporting its retailers. Nine months ago I didn't realize just how good my decision would turn out.

- Sylvia Davis
Louisville Mercantile


Becoming a Country Chic Paint Retailer has really added a level of professionalism to our business. It was a big step for us but truthfully the process was very simple and the program very clearly defined and we knew almost immediately that the fit was right. The day we unloaded our first delivery of products was exciting and we still get a thrill each time we stock our shelves. Almost a year later, we 100% know that we made the right decision and we look forward to growing with Country Chic Paint.

- Amy and Carol Adilman
Dustbin Revival


Country Chic Paint has the best customer service of any company that I work with. They contact me on a regular basis double checking that everything is fine. If I have any questions they are answered immediately. If I have any suggestions they are passed along to be considered. It's a support team that I could not be happier to have. If anything ever goes wrong with the products and a client I know they will have my back which in turn allows me to have my clients back. Country Chic Paint has been a fantastic company to work with. I feel proud to be part of their community.

- Tami Neff
Tami Loves...



I was originally skeptical about selling paint in my store. I mean, why would I want to sell paint and encourage my customers to DIY instead of buying my product that was already painted? What I found was that customers were "shopping for ideas" more than I expected, so to turn my lookers into buyers, I offered them something to buy. Paint. It's a win-win. Selling Country Chic Paint has changed my business in a very positive direction. I have other paint companies calling me all the time to sell their product but I would never switch. I love Country Chic Paint, the company, and all the employees.

- Ann Elick
Bettyanne's Things Worth Repeating


I have dramatically increased sales in my business since carrying Country Chic Paint. Over the past two and a half years, I've been able to build a community of furniture painters that rely on my shop to supply the highest quality of furniture paint and accessories. I love getting to know my clients in this way and helping them through their projects. IT truly has built a community around my business of very loyal women.

- Danie Leever
Best of What's Around


Country Chic Paint is superior to other mineral paint products. The selection is more comprehensive allowing the beginner painter to start a project and a more advanced artist to finish unique pieces. Coverage is better and the finishing product selection gives lots of different options for indoor and outdoor, low and high traffic items.

Country Chic Paint customer service is always supportive, timely, and helpful. The BEST out of all the wholesale companies I use...hands down!

- Jennifer Kalista
In The Moment Restorations