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How To Use Antiquing Dust

Do you love the look of antique furniture? Our easy to use Antiquing Dust allows you to add an authentic-looking aged effect to your projects!

In this tutorial company co-founder, Rosanne will show you how to use Antiquing Dust to add age and accentuate the details of your piece.

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Spanish and French translations are available towards the bottom of this page.

Step 1) Paint and wax your piece

After allowing your painted projected to dry for 24 hours, apply a light coat of Natural Wax with a wax brush. Make sure that you cover the entire piece including the nooks and crannies.

Don't buff it just yet!

Step 2) Add some dust

To apply the Antiquing Dust, simply dip a dry paint brush into the container of Dust and press it into the wax on your project. You'll want to make sure to get it in the nooks and crannies where dust would naturally build up over time. Allow it to rest for half an hour.

Step 3) Dust and buff

Remove the excess Antiquing Dust with a dry brush and use a lint-free cloth to buff the entire piece until it feels smooth and dry to the touch. This creates a finished look that does not need to have any further wax or sealant applied to it!

Please note: if you apply any more wax after this step, you'll end up removing some of the dust and losing the beautiful depth you just created.

The finished product

Click on each image below to see a larger example of each color of Antiquing Dust.

POUSSIÈRE POUR L’EFFET ANTIQUE (« L’âge dans un pot »)

Notre Poussière pour l’effet antique facile d’usage vous permet d’ajouter un effet vieilli à vos projets qui semble authentique. Ajoutez tout simplement une mince couche de Cire naturelle à vos meubles peinturés, assurant de couvrir tout le meuble. Ensuite, à l’aide d’une brosse sèche, enfoncez la Poussière pour l’effet antique dans la cire en assurant qu’elle entre dans les coins et recoins où la poussière s’accumulerait naturellement au fil du temps. Laissez-la pendant une heure. Enlevez l’excès de Poussière pour l’effet antique avec une brosse sèche et utilisez une serviette non pelucheuse pour polir tout le meuble.

POLVO ENVEJECEDOR («Envejecimiento en frasco»)

Nuestro Polvo Envejecedor fácil de usar le permite dar un efecto envejecido auténtico a sus proyectos. Simplemente aplique una capa delgada de Cera Natural al mueble pintado, asegurándose de cubrirlo por completo. Después, con una brocha seca, impregne el Polvo Envejecedor en la cera, asegurándose de aplicarlo en todos los huecos en donde el polvo tiende a acumularse. Deje secar por media hora. Quite el Polvo Envejecedor sobrante con una brocha seca y lustre todo el mueble con un paño sin pelusas.